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Lawyers, Non-profits Shed Light on Wind Industry

Melissa Peterson, program analyst at Windustry, was quoted in the article "Lawyers, non-profits shed light on wind industry" in The Journal [New Ulm] after speaking to farmers, landowners, city and county officials at the Springfield Community Center.

"We've seen these documents range from the good, bad, and ugly," Peterson said.

Peterson added that landowners that form their own wind energy group with local investors can create projects faster and easier than by private firms dealing with individual landowners.

Minnesota's Wind of Progress

The State of Minnesota has a legislative mandate that utilities purchase or generate 25 percent of their electric power from renewable resources by 2025; and in the case of Xcel Energy, 30 percent by 2020. The majority of this new renewable energy is expected to come from wind energy, and a new study by Minnesota 2020 Fellow Nathan Paine outlines what some of the benefits of this expansion of wind power would mean for the state.

IREC Search for Innovative Renewable Energy Projects

Each year, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council recognizes individuals and organizations that have implemented innovative projects during the past year that promote and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

This year, IREC will present awards in the following six categories:

* K-12 educational initiatives
* Workforce development
* Colleges & university renewable initiatives
* Local government leadership
* State government leadership
* Non-profit leadership


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