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Lisa Daniels begins 5-day, 390-mile Bicycle Ride for Climate

Climate Ride produces charitable multi-day bicycle rides that raises money for nonprofits devoted to environmental action.  The upcoming ride is taking place on the coast of Maine.   Continue reading

Wind Energy Permit Toolkit

A new Wind Energy Permit Toolkit from our colleagues at the Northwest Wind Resource & Action Center is available!  This toolkit  includes information on how jurisdictions can standardize their zoning regulations and permitting processes to ensure safe and cost-effective wind energy development that is appropriate for their community. Strategies are provided for both large-scale wind projects connected to transmission lines and small-scale projects intended for on-site use.  Continue reading

#StickWindHere Campaign Launches!

Windustry's #StickWindHere campaign has officially launched!  This video-based outreach campaign was recently funded by the Conservation Media Group to help us spread the word about Community and Community-Shared Wind Projects Continue reading

Minnesota Benefits of the Clean Power Plan

Power plants account for nearly 40 percent of the carbon pollution produced in Minnesota. The Clean Power Plan, recently announced by the Environmental Protection Agency, sets the first-ever national standards for reducing carbon pollution from power plants and lets states determine how to get there.   Continue reading

Minnesota State Fair is in Full Swing!

Windustry is presenting our exhibits for the 10th year at the Minnesota State Fair!  With the help of over 70 volunteers and some innovative activities from KidWind, this year is shaping up to be the best one yet. Continue reading

Wind Energy and the Clean Power Plan

Major US DOE studies this year have looked at the falling price for wind energy and the improving technology for capturing wind at high elevations.  This study, from Bentham Paulos, looks at those aspects and advances the idea that wind energy could be an important component for states in meeting Clean Power Plan goals: Continue reading

Climate Change And President Obama's Action Plan

The White House has announced updates to the Clean Power Plan that are being described as the strongest climate legislation in US history.  Continue reading

Business Models Report

Windustry has researched many of the financing options for wind energy, with a focus on community wind projects.  This information has been put into the Wind Library to add to our growing collection of guides and toolkits. Continue reading

County Wind Ordinances in Minnesota

Windustry has updated a survey of the county wind ordinances in Minnesota.  Our new version includes an analysis and links to ordinances for 65 counties. The analysis is limited to whether or not the ordinance addresses the following issues:   Continue reading

Windustry Interns attend REcharge Academies workshop

Three Windustry interns attended a weeklong workshop given by KidWind / REcharge Academies.  This intensive training included electricity education, exhibit ideas, and tours of energy facilities. Continue reading