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Climate Change And President Obama's Action Plan

The White House has announced updates to the Clean Power Plan that are being described as the strongest climate legislation in US history.  Continue reading

Business Models Report

Windustry has researched many of the financing options for wind energy, with a focus on community wind projects.  This information has been put into the Wind Library to add to our growing collection of guides and toolkits. Continue reading

County Wind Ordinances in Minnesota

Windustry has updated a survey of the county wind ordinances in Minnesota.  Our new version includes an analysis and links to ordinances for 65 counties. The analysis is limited to whether or not the ordinance addresses the following issues:   Continue reading

Windustry Interns attend REcharge Academies workshop

Three Windustry interns attended a weeklong workshop given by KidWind / REcharge Academies.  This intensive training included electricity education, exhibit ideas, and tours of energy facilities. Continue reading

Kenya is building Africa’s biggest wind energy farm

Kenya's new wind farm will generate 1/5 of its power.  Read more here.

Slides & Video from Wind Vision webinar

We have the slides and video available from our recent Midwest Wind Energy Center webinar about the Wind Vision report, given by Rich Tusing.

Slides & Video from Social Acceptance Webinar

We have slides and video available from our recent Midwest Wind Energy Center Webinar about Social Acceptance for Wind, given by Eric Lantz.

White House Announces Rural Climate Actions

The White House recently announced a series of actions designed to address rural communities. It is Financing Hundreds Of Projects To Reduce Carbon Pollution In Rural Communities. Continue reading

Windustry hosts MWEC's First Annual Meeting in Detroit

Windustry and partners held the first annual meeting for the Midwest Wind Energy Center.  This in person and online meeting was held in Detroit to coincide with a big RE-AMP (a network of nonprofits) gathering.  The MWEC meeting featured six expert speakers. The slides from two presentations are available on our Wind Library.  Continue reading

Slides & Video from Wind Lease Webinar

We have the slides and video available from the April 2015 webinar, "Wind Lease Info for Farmers, Ranchers, & Rural Landowners."   This webinar includes information about how to evaluate a wind lease for both short and long terms, Power Purchase Agreements, and issues that could negatively affect a wind lease.