Wind Powering America's "Wind Economic Development" Web Page

The Wind Powering America program out of the U.S. Department of Energy maintains this web page related to the economic benefits of wind energy. The page "provides software applications to help individuals, developers, local governments, and utilities make decisions about wind power. The page also lists publications and articles about economic development impacts that accrue from wind projects."

Click here to visit the web page. 

I received a free poster from an event I attended but have since misplaced it. May I receive another free one?

Maybe. If you're at another event where we are distributing them free, you may certainly have another. Unfortunately, we can't mail you another one for free. It costs us quite a bit to mail the posters due to their unusual size. We request payment for any posters we send in the mail to help us cover the costs of mailing.

What are some more resources for work in wind?

The wind energy sector provided 85,000 direct jobs in 2008, and the industry is expected to support up to 1/2 million direct and related jobs by 2030. Our resources offer guidance on the types of jobs available, the skills and training needed, and how to find them.


Windustry Resources


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