Where to start?

We can help!

Wind energy is a big topic, and this web site has lots of information. We know it can be hard to know what to look at first.

To help you narrow down your search, we have divided the most common starting places into sections.

Learn About Wind Energy

Learn the basics behind wind energy to help you get started.

  • Wind Basics - Learn everything from how wind energy works to the economics of a wind project with our Wind Basics series.
  • Benefits of Community Wind - This is a great starting point for elected officials or concerned citizens that would like to learn more about why community wind is important.

My Own Wind Project

Whether you are starting a big or small project, we are here to help.

  • Small or Farm Scale Wind Project - Small wind projects typically produce enough power for a single home, farm, or small business. Learn more about how to plan your project, get available resources, and companies that can provide materials in this section.
  • Community Wind Project - Community wind projects are larger than small wind and consist of local owners. Community wind projects increase local energy independence and prosperity and are on the rise in the United States. You can find community wind projects and resources through our comprehensive Community Wind Toolbox.
  • School Wind Project - School wind projects supply schools and some surrounding areas with electricity. There are resources to review school case studies as well as general resources to assist schools in developing their wind resource.
  • Incentives, Grants, and Loans - Find the financial assistance available to you for your wind project. This database allows you to view renewable eneryg incentives, grants, and loans by state.
  • Equipment Distributors and Manufacturers - If you are looking for pieces of equipment for your wind project, use our company directory to find suppliers.

A Landowner's Options

Find out what your options are before signing a lease.

  • Leasing Land to a Developer - Learn the important things to know prior to leasing your land to a developer. We provide a land lease and easement information, best practices, and compensation methods.
  • Request for Development - If you would like someone else to put up wind turbines on your land, learn the know-how behind leasing your land. Most developers approach landowners based on location and business strategy. Please keep in mind it is unlikely that soliciting a company to develop on your land will be successful.
  • Joint or Personal Ownership - Find information about developing a wind project for personal use or with your community.

Getting Involved

Welcome to the wind energy sector! Learn about preparing for a career in wind or join a network to connect with others.

  • Working in Wind - Learn about training programs, available positions, and what the field looks like through our Work in Wind resource.
  • Join a Network - Join one of our wind networks to connect with other wind enthusiasts. Networks include the Wind Farmers Network, or our Community Wind Listserv.
  • Support Wind Energy - Join the team at Windustry by becoming a member! We are able to provide education, outreach, and advocacy for wind energy through your support.