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  • commented on How much do wind turbines cost? 2015-12-02 19:17:17 -0600
    @olly Vanloocke: according to this~ ~wind energy is NOT a waste of money. When combined with solar energy and the proper containment hubs, some states would be able to copy Denmark’s success. According to the wiki on North Dakota Wind Power, North Dakota provided the most wind energy per capita of any state at 637KWh. That’s 6370 hours of TV which, when converted to linear time (versus the endless subjectivity that is KWh), is roughly 265 DAYS of TV. That means, if we sat in a dark room on January 1st, that TV could run non-stop until half way through September 21st before putzing out from lack of power. That’s almost nine full months. How’s THAT for a waste of money? ;)

    Don’t mind me, though. I was just trying to find out how viable a domestic-sized wind turbine would be if I could ever afford one. Costs, construction, up-keep, etc.