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  • commented on Pros & Cons of Wind Energy 2016-04-08 13:52:46 -0500
    @dan Larson: Actually coal plants are heavily subsidized in America. I am not sure as to the figures behind that or behind the nuclear industry (which we can safely assume receives its fair share), but my own research into energy shows extensive subsidization into the coal industry.
    @pam Sinclair: I looked into the Nymedium you referenced and was unable to find any coherent sources addressing this as a concern, but I would be more than pleased to understand more about the topic as you seem to understand (in detail) how important it is. However, this only confirms the necessary understanding that generating energy is always a costly business somewhere, either to the environment and/or the pocketbook.
    To everybody: Research and development in the field of wind energy has made it immensely more feasible with less and less side effects. It is understood that no one form of energy creation will supply the entire globe, but rather a mixture of energy sources will be necessary to achieve the most desirable conditions both environmentally and economically. Two studies I have read place the world’s usage of wind power potentially at 12% by 2030. This is to be found mostly in America and Europe with stress on offshore wind projects. Furthermore, the efficiency of wind energy reduces the cost of energy across the board in states that have given funding to wind energy projects. Yes there will always be a downside somewhere, but the downsides of wind energy are fewer and less severe. Wind energy is going to be a part of the future regardless of how we feel about it.