5 Tips for the job hunter

Here are 5 ideas to make your job hunt more successful.

  1. Know What's Up. Learn about what is happening in the wind energy sector today. Important areas to cover include the basics of wind energy, politics, and current issues and trends. Windustry provides overview pages of these areas as well as a News section. So click around and see what you can learn.

  2. Learn the Lingo. Knowing key terms about wind energy and your specific area of interest will get you far. So study up and learn the vocabulary. Windustry's Glossary is a good place to start.

  3. Get Experience. Many jobs within the wind energy sector require specific skills. So do your research and see if you need experience or further schooling to get your dream job. Check out Windustry's Work in Wind pages to learn more about whether schooling may be required and what schools have degree programs.

  4. Surf the Web. Trying different key phrases in search engines will give you an idea of where to begin and what's out there. Phrases could include "wind energy jobs," "wind energy training" "wind energy employment", etc.

  5. Relax. Be confident with your skills and knowledge of the field and be open to learning. The field is always changing.

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