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May 28, 2009 - 2:51pm -- Anonymous

Lisa Daniels on harnessing the wind in USA Network video

“When farmers, schools, and businesses develop and own wind projects, that's power by the people, for the people,” says Lisa Daniels, executive director of Windustry, in a Character with a Cause video on the USA Network as part of NBC Universal's Green is Universal environmental campaign.

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Lisa Daniels and SCJ are harnessing the wind - USA Network

“Wind power is clean, renewable, unlimited in supply. Community Wind turns consumers into producers, making energy right here in the U.S.” says Daniels. “Communities are keeping the energy dollars local.”

The video spot is sponsored by S.C. Johnson, which powers 46 percent of its North American manufacturing plant in Bay City, Michigan with wind power from the Harvest Wind Farm. The wind farm was Michigan's first utility-scale wind farm with 52.8 megawatts of capacity from 32 wind turbines spanning 3,200 acres between Elkton and Pigeon, Michigan, in Huron County.

Watch the video along with Bonus Footage on the USA Network.