Community Wind on the International Scene

July 2, 2008 - 11:45am -- Anonymous

Through the diligent efforts of many people over an extended period of time, community wind energy has become a favorably recognized concept in the upper mid-west, with a number of concrete examples of successful projects already in evidence. Still, this brand of wind energy production is unfamiliar in many other parts of the United States. And, though the community wind model was initiated in Europe, there are many other places in the world where it is unknown.

So, it was interesting to find this article about a community wind project in Australia. The article profiles a dedicated group of volunteers who refused to give up on the idea of wind energy for their locality even after a large-scale developer decided to abandon a project because of community resistance. The efforts of this local group have led to a community supported project that is now in its final development stages. Visit the project website for further information if you find the article interesting.