GE's Whirlwind of Ecomagination

June 18, 2009 - 1:27pm -- Anonymous

As I was researching the transmission grid I came across GE campaign promoting the use of smart grid technology. While the site doesn't really elaborate on what smart grid technology actually entails or the billions of dollars and years it will take to get every home in the U.S. a smart meter and the software to monitor their own electricity usage, it does spark an inquiry: What if more people started using smart meters? What if we were able to add more wind turbine energy to the grid?

What if you could harness the power of wind turbines in your own hands? Well, you can on GE's website. Go to the "Augmented Reality" tab on the menu the pops up along the bottom of the screen and through the use of a picture you can print off your printer and a webcam, you can create a digital hologram of three turbines with a picturesque backdrop featuring the Golden Gate Bridge. When you blow into the microphone you can make your wind turbines spin faster and light up the little home in the foreground. So, my hats off to GE for coming up with very entertaining marketing campaign, but lets just hope it actually gets people to delve deeper into the issues and obstacles we face with trying to update our transmission grid.