Huge growth in the wind industry

January 29, 2008 - 10:56am -- Anonymous

Rapid growth in the wind industry is often cited as one of the challenges for community wind, as demand for turbines, parts, services, and just about everything else outpaces the supply. Last week we got a glimpse of just how fast that growth is, courtesy of a news release from the American Wind Energy Association.

AWEA reports that installed US wind capacity grew 45% in 2007. Yep. Forty-five percent. Which (in case you were unclear about this) is absolutely enormous growth.

I can't help but mention that Minnesota has now just edged out Iowa for the #3 spot on the list of states with the most installed capacity. (Although my friends in Texas will probably point out that Texas installed more new wind in 2007 than Minnesota has overall.)

In the same report, AWEA notes that fourteen new wind energy manufacturing plants were opened or announced in 2007, which is great news. This kind of manufacturing development brings even more jobs to areas that need them most, and will hopefully continue to grow and help relieve some of the pressure on the supply chain.