Survey shows support for wind across the board

October 15, 2007 - 12:12pm -- Anonymous

The 2007 Saint Index© survey on attitudes toward real estate development showed that there has been a dramatic increase in support for building new power plants over the last year. However, there were two specific points that were surprising:

  1. Wind energy was by far the most supported type of power plant. (People were asked: "Please tell me how you would feel if a power plant was proposed in your community." Wind was supported by 76% of respondents and only opposed by 20%. The next most positively received option was biofuel, with 50% support and 38% opposition. Fossil fuel options were supported by only 37% and opposed by 58%.)
  2. Support for wind was consistent across all sorts of possible categories. According to the press release, "Not only do wind farms have the highest rate of support, they have the most consistent rate of support as well. Across the board, regardless of income, education, age, political ideology, or region of the country, wind farms received on average over 72 percent support from all respondents."

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