5. Choosing an installer for your project

Choosing an installer for your wind turbine and other related equipment is as important if not more so than choosing the equipment for your system. Before choosing an installer read through and understand What to Expect From Your Renewable Energy Dealer, written by Richard Perez and published in Home Power Magazine in 2001.


A good installer will have installed many wind projects and have a good track record with those in the wind energy community. Before deciding on an installer ask the installer if you can contact other people he or she has done work for. A good installer will work with you as you design your equipment and work closely with the interconnecting utility to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Make sure that your installer is a licensed and bonded electrician, or that the person doing the electrical work is licensed or bonded as an electrician. Otherwise, the electrical inspector may not sign off on the work after it is completed. For more complete information about what is required for lelctrical certification for an installer contact your utility.

Windustry has a list of Midwest dealers/installers of home and farm sized wind energy systems elsewhere on our site. Disclaimer: Windustry does not endorse or recommend any of the dealers contained on this list. Consumers are advised to perform due diligence in selecting a renewable energy dealer for their project by contacting former customers of the installer as well as seeking recommendations from persons experienced with home and farm sized turbines.

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