Windustry Internships

Windustry is contributing to green economic development and education through hands-on internships, trainings and seminars in the field of wind energy and renewable energy for all ages and skill levels. Continue reading

Minnesota Energy Careers

Reasons to consider a career in wind energy in the state of Minnesota:   Continue reading

5 Tips for the job hunter

Here are 5 ideas to make your job hunt more successful. Continue reading

What are some ways to find a job in the wind energy industry through networking?

A common question is how to find a job in the wind energy industry through networking. Networking is probably one of the best ways to learn more about the industry and its players and a great way to get involved in the wind energy sector.  Continue reading

Where can I find job postings in the wind industry?

To help you start your search, we have listed various outlets and specific places that post job listings within the wind energy sector. Continue reading

Types of Jobs in Wind

Similar to any other industry, there are many different occupations necessary to keep the industry thriving. The major sectors include: Manufacturing Sector Service Sector Sales and Marketing Sector Public and Non-Profit Sector Continue reading

I want to Work in Wind. What resources are there? Do I need to go back to school?

The wind energy sector provided 85,000 direct jobs in 2008, and the industry is expected to support up to 1/2 million direct and related jobs by 2030. Our resources offer guidance on the types of jobs available, the skills and training needed, and how to find them. A significant amount of jobs in wind require specialization and you may want to need to classes. But do a little research on firms expanding to wind that could use your experience. For example, a financing firm may have created a wind energy branch. Or a cell tower company may have started to specialize in wind turbine towers. Continue reading

Training Programs

 Here are post-secondary programs for college degrees and training certificates that focus on wind energy systems or that focus on renewable energy systems including wind. Programs include: Degree Programs Certificate and other Training Programs Continue reading