AWEA Finance & Investment Workshop

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New York, NY - Confused about what it means to start construction by year end? Have questions about the cost of capital and what terms are on offer currently in the tax equity and debt markets? Wonder how stock analysts see the prospects in the wind sector?

Come to the AWEA Finance & Investment Workshop to hear directly from industry leaders and key policymakers.

The government pays 30% of the capital cost of new wind farms in cash, but only for wind farms that are under construction by year end. New guidance came out on March 15 about what it takes to be under construction, but it left many unanswered questions. Hear from the Treasury first hand. Will the deadline be extended by Congress? The House tax-writing committee favors an extension, but what about the Senate? Senator Schumer is angry about foreign content in projects receiving payments. Hear from key Hill staff first hand. What issues are taking up the most time in tax equity and debt transactions and what is "market" for settling them? Watch a mock negotiation of what are currently the 10 toughest issues in deals. The big wind companies have access to the tax equity and credit markets. What are the options for smaller developers? Will offshore wind projects be able to raise financing?

As an added bonus, be the first to receive a copy of the AWEA "U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report" for 2009. All attendees at the AWEA Finance & Investment Workshop will receive a copy of the annual report hot off the press.

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