AWEA Wind and Transmission Workshop

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Omaha, NE - Solving the transmission equation can make the difference between a viable wind energy project and one that stays on the drawing board. This American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) workshop will provide you the tools to solve the equation, and help you identify friendliest regions to develop wind energy, who is building transmission, where and when will power flow over those lines, and much more.

The workshop will bring together top experts from the wind industry, the transmission sector, utilities, and policymaking worlds to answer these questions and more, and discuss the progress being made, the difficulties that remain, and the paths forward related to transmission infrastructure, wind integration, and technology.


  • which regions have the friendliest transmission policies
  • who is building transmission, and where and when the power will flow
  • how curtailment, integration charges, and other policies impact your economics
  • transmission technology innovations that could boost your profits
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