AWEA Wind Project Siting Workshop

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Kansas City, MO - This American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) workshop will bring all siting professionals up-to-speed on pressing issues, such as eagles, radar, and sound. The main Siting Workshop program will delve deep into key siting topics and address the dynamics of the intersection of proposed wind projects and the surrounding environment.

New to Siting? The pre-conference webinar (Siting 101), and the on-site pre-conference seminar (Siting 201), will teach principles of wind energy generation, siting, construction, and operation, and how a focused approach will simplify permitting - and then financing - of wind projects.


  • The truth about sound, property value impacts, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)and other challenges
  • Understand wildlife issues from bald and golden eagles to bats
  • Gain tips on maintaining good relationships with federal, state, and local agencies
  • Learn how the industry can comply with new regulations and policies
  • Discover the legal and practical viewpoints on the most pressing wildlife issues hindering project development
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