The Business of SMART GRID


St. Paul, MN - The Minnesota Trade Office is pleased to partner with the University of Minnesota's Initiative for Renewable Energy and Environment to offer "The Business of Smart Grid-Benefits for Minnesota's Companies and Workforce."

If you haven't heard much about the "smart grid" yet, you will. Big changes are coming to our nation's electricity grid, which is dated and under stress from growing energy demand. The envisioned solution calls for a comprehensive upgrade and transformation costing as much as $1 trillion dollars in the coming decades - smart meters, enhanced information systems, the integration of renewable sources, new hardware, new software, the list is long and growing. A more efficient, smarter and resilient electricity grid will result for consumers and commercial energy customers.

What does this mean for Minnesota's businesses and work­force? It means a world of emerging business and job creation opportunities generated by a massive initiative that touches many sectors of industry and anyone who uses electricity. Many Minnesota companies are seizing opportunities already- and are poised to grow their businesses even more as smart grid grows. Many other countries are adopting the smart grid model as well, and that spells export opportunities for U.S. companies.

Featured Presentation and Panel Topics:

  • The Smart Grid Concept
  • US Government Policy Priorities for Smart Grid and Clean Energy
  • US Department of Energy Vision for the Smart Grid
  • International and Export Business Opportunities in Smart Grid
  • Venture Capital and Investment in a Smart Grid Future
  • Panel Discussion: The Communications Backbone - Technology Standards Critical to Smart Grid
  • Panel Discussion: Smart Grid Domestic and International Opportunities
  • Panel Discussion: The Promise of Smart Grid - An Engine for Job Growth

LOCATION: Northstar Ballroom, St. Paul Student Center, University of Minnesota, 2017 Buford Avenue, St. Paul.


COST: $35 includes refreshments, lunch and materials.

QUESTIONS? Contact Steve Riedel at [email protected] or 651-259-7494.

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