California Wind Energy Collaborative Forum 2009


University of California, Davis
Davis, CA

The California Wind Energy Collaborative is hosting its sixth Forum to explore the technology, policy, and planning driving wind energy's future in California.

  The Forum will focus on two major issues: Growth & Development and Education & Training.

Growth & Development
The state has long been a pioneer and leader in renewable energy. Recently wind development has slowed, but the industry continues to grow. Speakers will address growth and development issues and will answer the following questions.

  • What are the factors influencing growth?
  • Are developers focusing their efforts elsewhere?
  • How will recent policy changes affect wind energy development?
  • What is the projected growth of California wind?
  • Can the current grid support increased amounts of wind and other renewable energy sources?

Education & Training
The U.S. wind industry is expected to experience long-term growth creating numerous job opportunities and having a positive impact on the weakening economy. A need for qualified technicians and engineers has caused many universities and colleges to create new educational programs to fill this void. Panel speakers will address these issues by answering the following questions.

  • How will the growth of the wind industry impact the economy and job markets?
  • What educational programs exist today?

The Forum will assemble expert panels from industry, government, and academia to discuss these questions and examine the most relevant issues facing wind energy in the state.

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