Central Iowa Wind Energy Conference

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Des Moines Area Community College Auditorium, Newton, IA - The conference gives participants a chance to evaluate wind as an energy source and explore the potential of wind energy. The conference will be of interest to producers, industry owners, school officials, residential owners and farmers who have continuous electric needs and want to generate their own power.

The key speakers will address wind energy basics, grants and zero-interest loans for wind generators and wind energy contracts.

The program includes discussions with early adopters of wind energy, with applications for home, school, business and on-farm wind turbine use. A panel of representatives from utility companies serving the area will conclude the conference.

A registration fee including lunch and workshop materials is $25 for those registering by May 11, $35 after that date.

Registration forms can be obtained by calling the extension office at (641) 792-6433 or by visiting www.extension.iastate.edu/jasper/.

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