Energy Democracy & Financing an Inclusive Green Economy

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Times are ET - We will be discussing potential policies and methods for financing clean technology and job creation in the new green economy. Two different organizations are presenting material, both aimed at developing financing mechanisms and strategies to increase access to capital and the green economy, especially for low-income communities and communities of color.

From the Center for Social Inclusion's (CSI) Black, Brown, and Green Program, Denis Rhoden will outline our recent publication on creating "Energy Democracy" in low-income communities and communities of color. CSI is working with a "brain trust" of community organizers, economic development and technology experts, and financiers to develop a model for community-owned or controlled renewable energy projects or related businesses which rural and urban communities could pursue.

Following the outline of "Energy Democracy," Fran Teplitz and Todd Larson from Green America will discuss different potential policies on financing clean technology and job creation. This includes the CEDA/Green Bank, Tax Credit Bonds, Federal Loan Guarantees, and Clean Tech City Funds. After this initial overview of potential policies, they will outline their recent work on a new financing model called Clean Energy Victory Bonds, U.S. Treasury savings bonds, available for as little as $25, that encourage citizen investment in the burgeoning domestic clean energy industry.