Interactive Energy Modeling and the Midwest


Times are CDT - Have you ever wondered what the Midwest's energy future looks like? Join the Great Plains Institute for a free introductory webinar on the Energy Choice Simulator to find out. The Energy Choice Simulator (ECS) is a user friendly and open source energy model that provides a portrait of future energy trends and their environmental impact in the Midwest.

Unlike other models, which are hard to use and seal off their programs from the average user ("black box" models), ECS allows access to the assumptions and values that determine the model results. Through a streamlined user interface, the Energy Choice Simulator lets anyone design their own energy future. 

The Great Plains Institute would like to introduce you to our exciting new model. Come see how you can use the Energy Choice Simulator for free, or find out how you can work with GPI to develop a customized model of your own. 

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