International Climate Stewardship Solutions Conference

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Bismarck, ND - The International Climate Stewardship Solutions Conference seeks to present real world overseas examples of economic development combined with climate stewardship. Senior government and private sector leaders from overseas will highlight policies and actions that have reduced CO2 emissions and directly benefited industries and communities. 

As the United States and the world respond to global climate change, the experiences shared by our international guests at this conference will help North Dakota and the region embrace the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in ways that maximize our energy and resource advantages, while protecting the environment for present and future generations. 

People from all walks of life in North Dakota and the region are invited and encouraged to attend, including representatives of business and industry, farmers and ranchers, elected officials, regulators, educators and students, journalists, people of faith and others. 

The conference will be held at Bismarck State College in the Sydney J. Lee Auditorium, Schafer Hall, and the conference is organized by Great Plains Institute, The Climate Group, Prairie Climate Stewardship, and Great Plains Energy Corridor. 

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