Introduction to Wind Systems

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Hiawatha, Iowa - This one-day workshop is the introductory workshop to MREA wind systems training and is a prerequisite for all other MREA wind workshops. W 101_03 Introduction to Wind Systems is designed as the first step in a professional track or for people who have an interest in residential size wind systems for their home or business. The workshop will define wind energy, describe how residential wind energy systems work, and provide a basis for making informed decisions about the design, sizing, and siting of wind energy systems. As part of the workshop, participants receive the MREA Introduction to Wind Systems Training Manual.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the component of a wind energy systems and describe their function.
  • Use the wind power equation to generally define proper wind system design and siting, including generator type, tower placement and tower height
  • Differentiate between wind energy system designs, including collector types, speed control strategies, and tower types and describe their benefits and drawbacks
  • Describe wind energy system types and variations including utility intertie w/o batteries, utility intertie w/ batteries, stand alone, and wind/PV hybrid systems
  • Use local and web-based data sources to define the wind resource in a given area
  • Compare and contrast common wind generator and explain differences between rated and actual energy production
  • Use electrical load, wind resource, and production data to size a wind energy system
  • List and explain system siting strategies used to maximize wind quantity and quality
  • Apply appropriate siting strategies to determine a suitable site for a wind energy system

I-Renew training workshops are designed for home and business owners who want to expand their knowledge base to become familiar with technologies and sytem types. These trainings are also approriate for professional, certified contractors who would like to expand their skill set and become certified in renewable energy.

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