Minnesota PowerShift 2008


MN Powershift is an inter-generational, participatory conference on climate, energy, sustainable development, and social justice. It will integrate community building and organizing with art, music, creative writing, political action, skills trainings, and open dialouge about the most pressing issues of our time.

Minnesota Powershift 2008 is much more than a conference. It is part of a process of building people power around a vision for a clean energy economy and a sustainable future that can unite rural farmers, inner-city residents, labor leaders, small businesses, students, and local governments. It is a recognition of our own role in making change, bridging the gaps between our personal lives and the sweeping changes that must be made. Its time to build a climate positive society, one that has moved beyond 'limiting the damage' we do to the global environment and oppressed communities and instead engages proactively and eagerly in the opportunities inherent in a post-carbon society.

Join youth climate leaders and community activists in efforts to unite, excite, and empower our communities to take action and create change!

Washburn High School
201 W 49th St.

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