National Renewable Energy Summit

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The role of agriculture and forestry in a carbon-reduced economy, community wind, sustainability and the development of woody biomass are the primary topics of discussion to be taken up when the National 25x'25 Alliance brings its 5th National Renewable Energy Summit back to Washington, DC March 31-April 2.

With a new administration and the 111th Congress poised to adopt major economic recovery programs, 25x'25 leaders say the timing of the summit could not better coincide with the discussions of national policymakers seeking answers to our economic, energy and environment issues.

A day-long plenary session featuring some of the country's leading experts will deal with the opportunities and challenges for agriculture and forestry in an economy that will call for a reduction in carbon utilization and emissions. Discussions are expected on recommendations for how each sector can capitalize on efforts to reduce and capture greenhouse gas emissions. Early study by a 25x'25 carbon work group, a panel of nearly 50 experts, indicates that on balance the agriculture and forestry sectors have much to gain from addressing climate change and a new carbon economy, and the summit will provide an examination of a number of policy options to be explored this year by the incoming Obama administration and lawmakers as they address climate change and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Track sessions will be held on the morning of April 2 on the challenges and opportunities posed by community wind projects; sustainability issues such as the Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels guidelines, global standards and criteria, indirect land use issues, and the 25x'25 Sustainability Guidelines introduced at the 2008 summit; and issues related to woody biomass, including the competition among existing and new users.