New Developments in Renewable Energy


Minneapolis, MN - The Midwest is one of the nation's most valuable renewable energy regions. In this conference, leading renewable energy professionals address opportunities and challenges for developers including the business and regulatory environment for renewables in the Midwest.

The conference provides updates on the federal stimulus package, new technologies, financing and investment. You will learn about major areas that affect the industry, including proposals for national renewable portfolio standards; greater federal control over transmission development and federal carbon regulation; siting and permitting challenges, and more.

Topics include:

  • The market for renewable energy development in the Midwest
  • Federal and state energy policies affecting the renewables development
  • Key factors driving demand
  • Environmental policy concerns for renewables development
  • State global warming policies and court challenges
  • Wind, biomass and other renewables
  • Meeting RP's in a cost-effective way
  • What is happening at the federal and regional levels with transmission
  • Overcoming local siting and permitting challenges
  • Funding assistance and financing opportunities
  • Putting financing packages together
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