North American Community Wind Energy Web Conference

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More than 25 North American experts will discuss opportunities, trends and challenges related to community wind energy projects during an online web conference May 26 and 27 offered by Green Energy Web Conferences.

Presenters at the web conference include experts from organizations ranging from the American Wind Energy Association, Windustry and the World Wind Energy Association to the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Energy to Atlantic County Utilities Authority and Citibank. Organizers say the web conference is designed for people who are interested in learning more about community wind projects as well as for professionals already in the business wanting to keep up with this fast-changing alternative energy technology.

Full details on the agenda for each day and registration are available on the conference web page listed below.  Or you may contact Green Energy Web Conferences at: Green Energy Web Conferences Inc., Mathijs Gajentaan, CEO and Founder, 480 Oriole Parkway, Suite 203, Toronto, ON, M5P 2H8, Tel: (416) 551-7200, Fax: (416) 546-0900, Email: [email protected]