Nova Scotia Feed-in Tariff Forum

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Halifax, NS - The Nova Scotia Feed-In Tariff Forum is the essential gathering for all those interested in taking up the serious business opportunities created by the Nova Scotia Renewable Electricity Plan and Feed-In Tariff scheme. The event will be attended by developers, manufacturers and service providers who want to meet scheme decision makers and industry players.

Nova Scotia is aiming to be a leader in renewable energy by committing to generate 25% of the province's electricity from renewable sources by 2015 from a current level of 13%. Among the first steps to meeting this ambitious target is the launch of a competitive bidding process for medium to large-scale projects and the introduction of a Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) to support smaller, community-owned projects using a variety of technologies including wind, biomass, tidal and hydro.

Together these programs open up exciting new market opportunities for renewable energy developers, manufacturers, First Nations and community power advocates to form innovative partnerships and create successful projects in the region.

Key Reasons to Attend the Nova Scotia Feed-In Tariff Forum:

  • Get the very latest updates on COMFIT applications and approvals
  • Understand Nova Scotia's new RFP process - timelines, approvals, pricing, etc.
  • Learn about new developments in regional transmission integration and renewable energy export
  • Understand how the scheme is viewed by the finance community - are investors ready to back the scheme?
  • Understand how wind, biomass, tidal and hydro developers hope to benefit
  • Identify best practices in aboriginal engagement and areas for potential collaboration with First Nations
  • Benchmark the Nova Scotia Renewable Electricity plan with other feed-in tariff markets including Ontario, New England, Germany and Denmark - will the scheme work?
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