Offshore Wind Energy Technology Workshop


Cambridge, MA

The MIT Energy Club Wind Energy Sub-Community is offering a workshop on Offshore Wind Technology: Today & Tomorrow during Wind Week 2009 at the MIT Media Lab

in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a Networking Reception on the evening of Thursday, April 2, 2009, and an all-day workshop on Friday, April 3, 2009.

With overseas installations of over 1100MW, offshore wind energy has been established as an important component of European electricity production and is now poised to enter the US scene with several projects in various stages of planning. This workshop will focus on addressing the status, drivers, and challenges of the technology underlying this fast-growing market.

This cutting-edge workshop brings together experts from the U.S. and abroad, with plenty of opportunities for interaction among speakers, students, faculty, and industry representatives.

While other conferences on offshore wind energy have been held in the US, no conference or workshop to date has focused specifically on offshore wind technology itself. The MIT Energy Club is proud to work with the MIT Energy Initiative, other universities, and industry leaders to hold this pioneering event.

  • Talks cover in-depth technical presentations
  • Industry booths on display during reception, breaks, and lunch
  • Opportunity for informal networking during an evening reception to be held the night before

Registration is required. Appropriate for people with all ranges of knowledge on wind energy technology: equally great for learning the basics as for enhancing knowledge of specific critical research challenges.  Students will receive a certificate of participation.  Only $15.00 for students, $60.00 for professionals.

For more information visit the MIT Offshore Wind Technology: Today & Tomorrow web site.

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