Opportunities in Midwestern Renewable Energy

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A new profitable crop is emerging in the heartland: renewable energy from wind farms and biomass developments.

It is estimated that up to 100,000 MW of wind power projects could come to fruition in the Midwest over the next five years, where many states have established Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and Community-Based Energy Development (CBED) initiatives that are likely to change power procurement across the region. Developers are eager to take advantage of these opportunities but only the most savvy will be able to overcome regional transmission interconnection queuing problems and efficiently deal with local permitting issues. Developers must learn how to get the inside track in the race to develop renewable energy in the Midwest.

Opportunities in Midwestern Renewable Energy will bring together regulators, utility renewable energy policy and planning executives, developers, and financiers to discuss obtaining required renewable energy sources effectively, efficiently, and quickly. They will discuss where states’ RPS programs are creating opportunities for wind and biomass developments, specific local factors in getting renewable sources developed, financed and built, and how to work with MISO, PJM and other regional transmission organizations.