Renew 09: Empowering the Land

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Tucumcari, NM - RENEW 09: Empowering the Land is the only conference of its kind in the nation specifically designed to match landowners, ranchers, and developers with industry leaders in the rapidly emerging, renewable energy sector. RENEW 09 is designed to be a “nuts & bolts” conference that is packed with “actionable” information on how you can best capture wind, sun and other alternative energy sources to reap an economic return.

Building on the success from 2008, RENEW 09 will offer a 2-day renewable energy expo, where you can meet companies, government agencies, and economic development organizations that are providing products, services, and funding for renewable energy development. You can network with hundreds of colleagues who are leasing land to wind or solar development, schools that have installed wind turbines on their grounds, and businesses that are reaping economic rewards from solar installations on their roofs.

If you are interested in learning how to develop facility scale or utility scale renewable energy projects, RENEW 09 is for you.