Renewable Power Project Finance: The Tutorial


The Tutorial: Renewable Power Project Finance, San Diego, CA. The best available introduction to renewable power project finance, according to conference sponsor, Infocast. Attend and learn how to:

· Structure bankable deals specific to the renewable sector
· Optimize the economics of renewable projects
· Account for intermittency, location constraints, transmission interconnection issues in agreements and PPAs for wind, solar, and biomass projects
· Take maximum advantage of the growing variety of carbon offsets, incentives, and tax-breaks
· Assess the technical, construction and operational risk factors specific to wind, solar, and biomass projects
· Anticipate and overcome real-world hurdles—hear the lessons learned in case-studies on wind, solar, and biomass projects

Pre-Conference Workshop: Fundamentals of Renewable Project Development, Monday September 17, 9 am to 5 pm.

See conference website for more information or to register.

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