Understanding the Current Science, Regulation and Mitigation of Shadow Flicker

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Times are EST - This webinar is designed for attendance by the general public, local officials, state regulators, facility siting decision-makers, policy-makers, and others interested in a review of objective information on the impacts of wind energy. This is the fifth in a series of free webinars by the New England Wind Energy Education Project (NEWEEP), funded by the DOE Wind Powering America Initiative. The webinar will include a panel of experts in the fields of visual assessment, landscape architecture, and environmental planning with a question & answer session.


  • Thomas Priestley, Senior Environmental Planner, CH2MHill
  • Matthew Allen, Principal, Saratoga Associates
  • Richard Lampeter, Senior Scientist, Epsilon Associates

Discussion Topics
The presentations and discussion will provide webinar participants with an understanding of:

  • What shadow flicker is, and how it is created;
  • The methodologies used to forecast when, where, and how much shadow flicker will occur;
  • How forecasted data are analyzed to estimate the potential impact on nearby receptors;
  • The current landscape of state and local regulations, ordinances and guidance documents, and their role in the wind project permitting process;
  • Available mitigation and management practices; and,
  • Areas in need of additional research and analysis.

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