Wind and Transmission Workshop

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Denver, CO - Adequate transmission is necessary to the expansion of wind energy. Learn about the opportunities, potential solutions and challenges the wind industry is facing as we work to overcome the transmission barrier. This workshop will explore ways wind and transmission companies can make more use of existing transmission capacity, work through the logjams in interconnection queues, and expand transmission capacity. It will also examine the roles that the U.S. Congress, FERC and the Department of Energy can play in getting new transmission planned, funded and permitted.


  • How and when planned transmission becomes actual transmission
  • Major transmission lines currently planned for the Western, Texas, and Eastern regions
  • Grid operations and integration: ways to enhance the flexibility of the grid, including demand response, new generation, smart grid, energy storage – separating the facts from the hype
  • Opportunities to make the grid more efficient and get more wind on the system
  • Discussion of the Department Of Energy funded interconnection-wide transmission planning process
  • Key challenges and opportunities for wind integration including: legal, regulatory, and technical issues
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