Wind Energy Community Forum


Madison, WI - On Friday, June 18th, at 1:00 in room 5120 of Grainger Hall, we will launch this summer's Wind Energy speaker series. Tom Eggert will provide a broad overview of the wind sector, the growth of jobs in companies that supply the wind sector, and the efforts that Wisconsin is putting into attracting wind companies to Wisconsin. We will also have time to draw on knowledge that you will bring to the session.

The Community Forums are sponsored by the Business, Environment & Social Responsibility Program at the Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin and by the City of Sun Prairie Office of Economic Development. We will meet in our regular room at 5120 Grainger Hall. The event is free and designed as much for community members as it is for students. 

Additional information is available from Tom Eggert at 608 267-2761 or [email protected]


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