Wind Energy Integration Into Power Grids


Denver, CO

This EUCI (Electric Utility Consultants, Inc.) course covers the operation and modeling of the main types of wind energy systems.

Several types of generators and converters used in energy systems are discussed and evaluated. The course also covers the main challenges to wind energy integration from the utility point of view. The impacts of wind energy on the power grid are discussed in detail. Existing and potential solutions are presented. Field data are used to evaluate the current performance of the wind systems and to identify the challenges, opportunities, and solutions in this vibrant field.

Wind energy systems have seen substantial growth in the USA and Europe. This growth has led to a rapid change in the generation landscape because of the increasing penetration of wind energy systems in utility systems. These fundamental changes require the power grid to become more vibrant and interactive which will demand significant changes in the grid operation, protection, and control.

Amber Rhodes
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