Wind Energy Operations & Management Summit USA


Dallas, TX

Hear from the contractors that are providing O&M services to onshore wind farms and learn from the experience skills and service the oil and gas industry has developed in order to tackle offshore O&M.

Sessions will offer practical advice on the challenges you face, with focused coverage of manufacturers' approaches to O&M, latest academic research and software, onshore and offshore challenges covered separately and more:

  • Top tips from manufacturers on the best maintenance strategies for your gearbox, blades, and bearings.
  • The latest expert advice on the importance of pre-installation and regular annual checks.
  • How to combat high torque stresses on your blades to increase their lifespan and minimize downtime.
  • Get more from SCADA data to eliminate unscheduled maintenance problems, and learn to use effective Condition Monitoring techniques.
  • What to look for in the core competencies your suppliers must be able to demonstrate to win your business.
  • Find out how to choose the best lubrication system to maximise your turbine's availability and avoid costly breakdowns.

For more information visit the Wind Energy Operations & Management Summit web site.

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