Wind Power Development Tutorial

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Wind power is on a 25% annual growth curve. Looming carbon caps will pressure munis and IOU’s to add wind to their power supply. The capital is flowing. And FERC is actively addressing transmission access; soon the grid will be able to absorb much larger volumes of wind-generated power.

What does it really take to bring a wind farm successfully to market? What can the numbers look like, and what kinds of business models and financing vehicles will be best suited to your unique needs?

This course will offer utilities and independent developers still new to wind power the essential tools and orientation to move ahead with confidence. It will help existing developers to bulletproof their plans and projects, while potential investors, partners and financiers will gain insights into the inner dynamics of wind business models so they can sharpen their due diligence, credit and valuation analysis.

* Understand business models, RECS, RPS and Production Tax Credits
* Learn the fundamentals that will help you validate and strengthen your wind farm plans
* Learn how pro formas work for a typical 100mw project
* Position projects for long-term success as an
owner, and get the maximum valuation of your project in a merger or