Wind Turbine Climber & Rescue Course

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Estherville, IA - Safety Solution Resources is offering 2.5-day courses at Iowa Lakes Community College to educate participants on the theory, principles and practice of fallprotection and rescue techniques applied to at-heights work onstructures common to the wind industry. Instructors combine interactiveclassroom sessions with supervised hands-on activities to facilitate alearning environment that aids in the rapid development of a practicalfall protection and rescue knowledge base that can be easily applied totypical job-site responsibilities.

Significant emphasis is placed on instructing students how to properly assess fall hazards commonly encountered on wind turbine structures and, subsequently, how to develop and implement fall protection strategies that will allow them to negotiate these hazards in the simplest and safest manner possible. As an extension of these skill sets, students are further instructed on the theory and application of implementing a planned approach to rescue in the event of an accident involving a fall.

A critical component of training involves the opportunity to gain practical experience through a series of challenge scenarios designed to build confidence in the functionality of equipment and to demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of the fall protection and rescue techniques taught during this course. Students are administered written tests and practical, hands-on proficiency exams in order to evaluate and document their level of competency in the subject matter covered during the course.

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Sharon at Safety Solution Resources
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