Windustry at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair


Windustry's Wind Energy Center at the Minnesota State Fair EcoExperience was a huge hit again in 2007!

Energy on a Stick
Windustry was proud to once again host the Wind Energy Center at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair. Visitors had the chance to learn about wind energy, talk to a wind expert, try one of our fun activities, and look at the 123' blade.


New in 2007:

  • Renewable Energy Activity Corral - Fun experiements to learn about renewable energy!
  • Policy Puzzle - Shows what it takes for Minnesota to support community wind through it's laws and policies with this giant puzzle!


About the Eco Experience
The Eco Experience, located in the Progress Center, features a sustainable eco-house with a lush rain garden, a live stage, organic food, state-of-the-art vehicles, and cutting edge renewable energy technologies. A first-of-its-kind exhibit, The Eco Experience is a must see for any techie, gardener, do-it-yourselfer, nature-lover, and clean energy advocate.


The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, in collaboration with the Minnesota State Fair created this innovative exhibit to raise awareness of the critical need for green technologies, sustainability, and renewable energy sources, and show Fair-goers that Minnesota has the technologies, resources, and know-how to become a leader in environmentally-sound growth.


Windustry's Wind Energy Center
Just as in 2006, Windustry made wind energy the star of The Eco Experience with a 123 foot turbine blade in front of the building and a “Wind Energy Center” inside.

The Wind Energy Center featured a large turbine tower section, as well as:

  • Small home and farm scale wind turbines,
  • The History of Wind
  • A computer model displaying wind patterns over the Midwest,
  • Myths and Facts game, and
  • Much More!


The Wind Energy Center is completely interactive and visitors learned about wind energy in Minnesota through hands-on activities, games, demonstrations, and computer simulations.


2007 Sponsors of the Wind Energy Center:

Vanguard Sponsor:
Xcel Energy

Partnering Sponsors:
NRG Systems
Fredrickson and Byron, P.A.Great River Energy
Suzlon Rotor Corp.

Supporting Sponsors:
Suzlon Wind Energy Corp.
Carstensen Contracting, Inc.
AgStar Financial Services
KidWind Project
Mortenson Construction
Wind Energy America Inc.

Contributing Sponsors:
Consulting Engineers Group
Anderson Trucking Services, Inc.
Faegre and Benson LLP
Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith and Frederick, P.A.



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