Windustry WINDPOWER 2010 Poster Presentations


Dallas, TX - Windustry is pleased to be presenting two posters at WINDPOWER 2010 conference in Dallas, TX. One poster highlights three successful case studies that illustrate how rural electric cooperatives and municipal power entities are successfully incorporating wind energy into their supply mix in innovative ways: Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative, Willmar Municipal Utilities in Minnesota, and the Town of Falmouth in Massachusetts. The poster includes a discussion of the unique interconnection, electricity sale, and financing barriers that these power entities face when adding wind energy generation. As community-owned electric service providers, rural electric cooperatives and municipal power agencies have an important role in Community Wind.

The other poster announces the Windustry County Wind Ordinance Survey as featured in this newsletter issue. This resource targets Community Wind project developers who are interested in local permitting and siting rules as well as local officials who are working to develop wind ordinances for their area. The information creates a one-stop-shop to access an overview of the current local permitting and siting rules from a particular state, and provide additional resources for information relating to wind energy siting, such as wildlife interactions and federal permit requirements.

If you will be in Dallas, make sure to stop by during the poster reception to talk to Windustry staff about our research!

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