Wisconsin Wind Industry Supply Chain Workshop


Appleton, WI

This state-level seminar will focus on supply chain challenges and opportunities in the state of Wisconsin for companies looking to get involved in the supply of components and services to the wind energy industry.

This state-level event is designed to focus on specific aspects for Wisconsin-based companies and to enable their entrance into the wind industry.

The wind energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, which is bringing major supply chain challenges to the industry while it aggressively “ramps up” domestic manufacturing of wind turbines and their components. As a result, there is significant opportunity for state and local governments, manufacturers and component suppliers across all industries to help feed the supply chain and grow their business.

Topics covered:
* Wisconsin wind power outlook
* The national wind energy industry overview
* Wisconsin wind power outlook
* Status report on supply chain shortages and bottlenecks
* The anatomy of a wind turbine: major components and manufacturing requirements
* Major component sourcing & value chain services
* Supply chain conversion success stories in Wisconsin: funding, contracts, and retooling
* Networking opportunities with the companies you need to meet

Who should attend:
* Companies currently working in or hoping to work in the Wisconsin wind power industry
* Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of mechanical and electrical components, including generators, hydraulics, sensors, hardware, drives, power distribution, composites, cabling, big steel, castings, forgings, bearings, gearboxes.
* Construction equipment and suppliers such as cranes, concrete, rebar
* Transportation companies supporting large scale items over land, rail and sea
* State and local offices of economic development
* Operations and maintenance service companies
* Government Agencies

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