Working with Rural Electric Cooperatives to Promote Community Wind Power


Times are EST - Community wind, or locally owned wind power, is a great source of power for rural communities with good wind resources. Numerous studies have shown that revenue from community wind development beats traditional wind models. Wind power development is a win-win-win for rural economic development, national security, and the environment. However, community wind development often faces significant obstacles, including higher costs and limited policy support. Fortunately there are ways to develop community wind despite these and other challenges. Numerous rural electric cooperatives are on the front lines of electrifying the grid using clean, renewable wind power.

This webinar session, the 2nd one to date on community wind run by 25x'25, will feature case studies of community wind development by two RECs leading this important effort, talk about how their projects have succeeded despite the challenges and make suggestions for working with an REC or utility in your area.

Session Leaders:

* Ernie Shea, 25x'25 Project Coordinator
* Ron Rebenitsch, Basic Electric Power Cooperative, Manager of Alternative Technologies
* Rick Olesen, Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative, V.P. Operations & Engineering
* Peggy Beltrone, 25x'25 Steering Committee Member and Montana Cascade County Commissioner

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