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    I am from AL-Dhahari Investment Group Abu Dhabi, UAE We are a United Arab

    Emirates based investment company, working on expanding our international

    portfolio globally by giving out loan to finance project outside U.A.E. We

    specializes in business start-up, business expansion, contract execution,

    investment funds, real estate project and infrastructure funds.

    We would be happy to receive a business plan of any viable project, we
    don’t have any major area of funding but we give priority attention to
    finance by making financial investment in form of debt, after which we
    can negotiate the funding modalities, duration of investment and
    amount to invest. If you have any project that needs funding, for more
    details contact us. Kindly get back to me via my official email
    address below if you have any project that needs funding.

    Looking forward to doing business with you. Blessings

    Gaines Willie
    Foreign Investment Department
    AL-Dhahari Investment Group
    Abu Dhabi, UAE