Sustainability Goals for the Future Community at UMore Park


Rosemount, MN - Join in a community forum to help shape sustainability goals for the future community at UMore Park. The forum will begin with a brief presentation to highlight facets of sustainability including health, community culture, job creation and economic development, transportation, renewable energy, the environment and other areas. Share your ideas about what makes a community sustainable. View ideas contributed by community members to date. Talk informally with resource people during an "open house" session.

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REDI Resources

Clean Energy Project Builder

Clean Energy Project Builder (formerly REDI Resources) is an online directory of community and small wind, and solar power companies from all over the United States who serve Minnesota’s clean energy industry. The directory allows you to browse companies; to search by specific services like engineering, operations & maintenance, or legal services; to find companies near you using geographic search; and to find companies through a range of other details like service area, number of employees, or completed project capacity.

Clean Energy Project Builder is a long-term resource provided through the collaborative efforts of the Southwest Initiative Foundation, Clean Energy Resource Teams, The Minnesota Project, and Windustry.

CERTs 2011 Clean Energy Convergence - Learn, Connect, ACT

December 15, 2010 - 2:17pm -- Anonymous

The CERTs 2011 Clean Energy Convergence will unite Minnesotans who are blazing the paths to a clean energy future by working on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in their communities. You can learn, connect, and act with CERTs and 600 engaged community members on February 2-3, 2011 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

CERTs 2011 Clean Energy Convergence

Report Uses Cases Studies to Explore Community Wind

Lessons & Concepts for Advancing Community Wind, released by The Minnesota Project, seeks to advance the development of community-based wind projects in the United States by drawing keys to success and policy recommendations from three compelling Midwestern case studies.

Wind energy continues to experience double digit growth rates because of the relatively cheap technology and the widespread availability of wind resources, and numerous studies have now shown that locally-owned wind projects produce disproportionate benefits to the local community and region where they are built. This presents community wind energy development as a stand-out opportunity for communities across America to pursue locally-owned projects that will help meet their electricity needs and contribute to energy independence while also providing tremendous economic benefits. 

Report Contents:

  • Section I: Community Wind Case Studies
    • Winona County, MN
    • City of Willmar, MN
    • Miner County, SD
  • Section II: Keys to Success
    • Visioning & Planning
    • Project Leadership
    • Involving the Community
    • Financing & Pricing
  • Section III: Solutions for Advancing Community Wind
    • Dispersed Generation Studies
    • Siting & Permitting Standardization
    • Establishing or Improving C-BED Legislation
    • Rural Utility Service Loans
    • Investment Tax Credit or Cash Grant
    • Net Metering
    • Advanced Renewable Tariffs
    • Standard Offer Contracts
    • Increasing Renewable Portfolio Standards

Northern Minnesota Reservation Economic Development Summit and Trade Show


Walker, MN - Participants attending the Summit will have an opportunity to look at regional economic trends and potential opportunities. We will have a chance to network with other business people and participate in critical discussions relevant to the future of our region. We are hopeful that this Summit might be a springboard for future planning sessions and lucrative opportunities and partnerships across the entire region. For in the final analysis, we are one community, one region, and we need to work together to build a better future for all of our families.

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Public Forum on Renewable Energy Opportunities at UMore Park


Rosemount, MN - Join the University of Minnesota and others interested in renewable energy for a community forum on Thursday, July 29, to highlight the launch of wind energy research and the siting of a cutting-edge wind turbine at UMore Park. The U's Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment provided significant early-stage funding to support the formation of the wind energy research consortium which includes public and private sector organizations.

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