Minnesota Energy Careers

Reasons to consider a career in wind energy in the state of Minnesota:


  • By 2020, Minnesota's largest electric utility will produce 30 percent of its power with renewable resources.
  • By 2025, all Minnesota utilities will produce 25 percent of their power using renewable sources.
  • Minnesota is the fourth largest wind energy producer in America.
  • Minnesota is among the top 10 states in the nation with the best wind energy potential.

Learn more about careers in wind energy in Minnesota by visiting the websites below:

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

iSeek Minnesota:

Wind Energy Engineers - iSeek

Wind Energy Project Managers - iSeek

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind Energy Operations Managers - iSeek

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  • Leah Poulton
    commented 2016-11-23 01:47:17 -0600
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