Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Regional Wind Energy Institute (GLRWEI) is a regional collaboration that provides the tools for Wind Working Groups to better equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to promote wind energy within their states. We work to advance wind energy development through the sharing of information and networks, including news related to wind energy issues in the Great Lakes Region.

Who's Involved?

The Great Lakes Regional Wind Energy Institute works with 5 great lakes states including Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The Great Lakes Regional Wind Energy Institute is facilitated by Windustry, a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, MN working to promote progressive renewable energy solutions and empower communities to develop wind energy as a sustainable, community-owned asset.

Participants in the Great Lakes Wind Energy Institute can access copies of webinar presentations at the bottom of this page. Topics include land owner options, the basics of wind energy, and project planning. You are welcome to leave comments and provide feedback about the webinars.

Resources and Webinars

The Great Lakes Regional Wind Energy Institute sponsors webinars that provide important information for Wind Working Groups and others advancing wind energy development. Recorded webinars along with presentations and other resources are available in the links below.