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Xcel Energy RFP for C-BED projects now available

June 23, 2008 - 9:12am -- Anonymous

On June 17, Xcel Energy (through Northern States Power) released their 2008 request for proposal (RFP) for Community Based Energy Development (C-BED) projects.

Here's what it says on the Xcel Energy website: "As a part of Xcel Energy’s Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED) program, Xcel Energy is soliciting proposals for Community Based Wind Projects. In 2005, the Minnesota Legislature directed that each utility establish a tariff for the purchase of C-BED wind energy. The purpose of the tariff is to encourage and promote broader local participation in wind energy development.

Beginning June 17, 2008, Xcel Energy will be accepting proposals for new Minnesota wind generation resources to be in commercial operation by Dec. 31, 2009. Xcel Energy will seek approvals for any resulting Renewable Energy Purchase Agreements from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. The submission deadline is July 11, 2008."

Click here to go to the Xcel Energy website and download a complete copy of the 2008 RFP.

"Renewable Energy Payments in the US" from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute

June 19, 2008 - 10:56am -- Anonymous

Europe has a very successful feed-in tariff program for renewable energy. Under this type of program priority of interconnection to the grid is given to energy produced from renewable sources, premium rates are paid to generate a reasonable profit for investors of a renewable energy project and standardized 20-year term contracts. Germany is the leading country in this type of payment program and has dramatically increased its renewable energy production so much that it had met its 2010 renewable energy goal by 2007.

Community Wind Energy 2008 Conference Proceedings Now Available

June 2, 2008 - 1:29pm -- Anonymous

Windustry’s Community Wind Energy 2008 was a national conference bringing economic development, agriculture and wind energy together to advance opportunities for locally-owned clean energy production. Over 400 attendees from 36 states, 4 provinces and 5 countries shared experiences and information to harness the growing momentum for new models, new policies and new projects.

Spring 2008 Minnesota CERTs Request for Proposals are now available

March 4, 2008 - 12:49pm -- Anonymous

The spring 2008 CERTs Request for Proposals are now available! Are you looking for a source of funding to start a clean energy project in your county, community, or school? CERTs may be able to help!

The deadline for proposals is 4:30 pm April 18th, 2008; each CERT will meet before June 13th, 2008, to decide which projects to fund. Projects approved for funding must be completed by June 1, 2009.

To view the press release, visit:

Xcel Energy Wind RFP Available--Deadline is Feb. 29, 2008

January 4, 2008 - 11:41am -- Anonymous

According to the Xcel Energy website, "Xcel Energy is soliciting proposals for wind resources for its NSP system. Xcel Energy will be accepting proposals for wind resources that the company will acquire under a build-transfer arrangement. The proposal submission deadline is February 29, 2008." The RFP does allow for projects with up to 1/3 of the total project MW retained by the bidder.

Click here to download the complete RFP as a PDF.

December 2007 Farm Bill Update

December 20, 2007 - 9:05am -- Anonymous

With the Energy Bill being signed this week void of a national Renewable Energy Standard, many Americans are wondering how other policy can help support renewable energy development in rural America. One answer is the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP, previously called Section 9006 of the Farm Bill), which provides grants and loan guarantees to farmers, ranchers and rural, small businesses for renewable energy development and energy efficiency improvements.


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